The Noguchi Table: a Piece Born of An Extraordinary Imagination

The world of coffee tables is very diverse and wide, but you’ll probably not find a piece with such sculptural characteristics as the Noguchi table. This design is so particular that it’s considered both a piece of art and functional furniture, mixing style and function in a perfect balance. After several decades, it has become one of the most acclaimed, recognized, and admired designs of the style known as Mid-Century Modern. The philosophy of this style, based on practical and affordable, produced very attractive modern pieces at friendly prices. However, the Noguchi table became so famous and demanded that today an original piece can cost several thousand dollars.

On the other hand, there are very favorable options, such as the Noguchi table replica by Manhattan Home Design, marketed at a price three or four times less than the official product. It’s a replica that faithfully emulates every aesthetic and functional aspect of design that emerged from the astonishing and groundbreaking imagination of this Japanese-American artist, also known for his works in the fields of sculpture, architecture, landscaping, and design of scenarios in a career that spanned six decades.

Add a Noguchi table reproduction to your spaces, and you’ll discover the amazing attributes of one of the most iconic pieces in the history of furniture design!