How To Complement Your Mid-Century & Furniture | Creative Ways To Do It! (II/II)

Note: remember that we always recommend reading the previous article in order to fully enjoy this series about complement your mid-century layout. 

In the previous article, we talk about how to complement a Togo sofa, now we want to show you another creative way to fill that emptiness and add character to your room. Take a look at it!

paiting with mid-century palette
A kind of paint that you can add to your living room.

It’s all in colors and details!

The best way of adding this special feature to your rooms is by implementing abstract paintings, accessories with geometric patterns, or any piece of art that looks modern and fittable to that era. There’s a lot of art references when it comes to the mid-century modern movement. 

In the aforementioned advice, colors play a main role, remember to choose colors according to the style and type of furniture you have. One of the most used color palettes in this type of design is orange and brown; chartreuse and gray, teal; brown and white and the classic wood and white. For example purposes, we have placed a color palette for you to take inspiration from it.