How To Complement Your Mid-Century & Furniture | Creative Ways To Do It! (I/II)

Do you ever feel that your living room decoration is quite empty? If yes, don’t worry I have felt the same. That’s why I thought it was important to create an article dedicated to this: how to cover that awkward emptiness that once in a while we all feel.

Mid-century furniture is normally recognized for being functional and simple, these two features are very important when you want to create the complement because it must flow well. 

Let’s imagine that you have a Togo sofa, a very large and luxurious piece, with quite thick cushions. Since it is a very striking piece, you probably have it as the center of attention in your living room, so, how can you complement that extravagance to make your space look warm, easy! With throw pillows.

Source: P O L I G Ö M

Add throw pillows to your Togo sofa or any other you have, depending on the upholstery, if they are very neutral like the aniline leather of the Togo sofa, you can choose between patterns and geometric forms, otherwise, if your sofa is upholstered with a vibrant color like red, you should opt for more neutral pieces.

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