Elements of Design with the Barcelona Chair: Stripes

A simple element can mean a lot in terms of interior design. Simple patterns give you the freedom to play and experiment. That’s what happens with stripes.

Thin, thick, colorful, monochromatic, soft, and bold. There is a lot you can experiment with stripes. Uniform, regular and monochromatic stripes build a formal place. miscellaneous shapes, colorful stripes may induce us to a relaxed, cheerful setting. 

There are of course some trends on stripes that must be considered always to get the most of this pattern.

  • First of all, keep in mind that stripes belong to the walls, and never to the floor.  
  • Use vertical stripes in short walls to make you feel in a higher room. 
  • Use horizontal stripes in tied walls to make you feel a wider wall.
  • Stripes can be enough to our senses for themselves, other elements hanging on the walls had to be considered with care, to avoid overcharge the wall visually.
  • Use stripes only in plain walls

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