Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: What are the most trendy decor items in NYC? (2/2)

As we discussed in a prior article, the Big Apple has its own trends and items preferred by one of the most cosmopolitan populations in the world.

While Mid Century Modern, Scandinavian and Coastal Living are the major trends, some items are quite eclectic and don’t necessarily match with any style, like for example with the string lights. Let’s find out 2 more items on the “hot” list of NYCs decor enthusiasts right now.


Flexible, natural, endurable but biodegradable. Rattan was at the top of the heights in the 1960s and 1970s and recently it’s been doing very well. A perfect ally in the yoga subculture, Rattan has struggled but has a steady niche in furniture. Beyond the predictable Papasan and Peacock chairs, Rattan is widely used for more different functionalities.

Kitchen Islands

While the open concept house is far from over, the kitchen island is more and more present. One factor that fueled the great popularity of the Kitchen Island is its presence in many Instagram and Facebook Live presentations, where celebrities like to spend a good time with their guests, in a relaxed space, with movement and fun. Kitchen Island promotes an interest in good food and integration with all the family/friends group. Enough reason to keep it hype for a long time.

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