Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: Color.

Color is one of the core elements of Interior Design, among with space and light. Color has a deep influence on Interior Design. Color has to do deeply with our emotions, moods, and personal preferences. With color, you can influence the mood of your guests or family. 

By definition, the palette of colors is used with different purposes according to the particular space we are working on. Generally, a bedroom is supposed to have neutral and calm colors, like white, pearl, grey, beige, and so on. In a bedroom, color must help us to find relax soon and easily. In some particular spots, an accent wall may help us to balance the room.
In a living room, you have more freedom to play with color. Nevertheless, by the dictates of style and trends, right now people tend to go mainly with neutral, soft tones as a base, and then use decor to generate color effects. This way, a white room is enhanced and balanced with colorful rugs, cushions, and furniture. Keep in mind that always balance is our main goal. 

A color is a tool used to create space effects, too. An accent wall or a ceiling painted with a strong tone will make you feel more restricted and with a very delimited space. If your room is small, you may feel kind of overwhelmed; but if your space has a high ceiling, a strong tone in the ceiling will enrich your vision.  

Color has fascinating aspects that are worthy to keep talking about.
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