Colorful Modern Chairs I: Get To Know The Modernist Features

A chair is perhaps the most common piece of furniture you will see in any space, have you ever noticed it? I mean, I’m thinking of any space right now like living rooms, bedrooms, offices, backyards, kitchen, and in every area, I’m sure I’ll find a chair.

This has inspired me to create a list of some chairs in a specific category. I have chosen the modernist style because its use has increased in these years, why? Because nowadays people prefer simplicity and the attractive appearance of simplicity.

So before sharing with you the list I would like to introduce you to the modernist features you’ll see in the chairs like the LC2 chair and others listed.

Characteristics of modernist furniture

Modern furniture is created based on the idea that form follows function but it is necessary to add an artistic touch. They do this by experimenting with new or conflicting materials and testing how they work.

General features include:

  • Clear lines and geometric figures
  • Material exposure like metals
  • Natural materials
  • Size and functionality
  • Open Space

These and more you’ll see in the common modern chairs. Click to see the next chapter where we have listed 4 modern chairs.