Design Notes from the Barcelona Chair: Moroccan Rugs

The Moroccan rugs, in all its variations, are now an integral part of the decor in most of the modern design trends. Hugely popular, is hard to talk right now about rugs in decor without setting Moroccan before. 
It’s kind of ironic if we consider that Mid Century Modern, the Interior Design force that brought the trend for Moroccan rugs, its a movement that aimed to renovate all furniture with modern and efficient principles; but now,  Moroccan rugs are deeply connected, almost the same way a Barcelona Chair is part of the classic MCM staples. 
Originally, the Moroccan rugs are handwoven by indigenous people, in several cities of what is historically encompassed as the nation of Morocco. Fes and Rabat are the two most famous cities and they have their own style of rugs.  They were handwoven for thousand of years, and mainly for their functional features, with little aim of aesthetics. But ironically, this rusticity had the element of contrast that makes them fine suitable for Mid Century Modern.
It was due to Le Corbusier, who fell in love with the Berber rugs and used for its own house, that Moroccan rugs became so widely popular. Since there, the primitivism, and stong texture of the Moroccan rug made it the perfect companion to the minimalist, precise Mid Century Modern style.
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