Tales from the Barcelona Chair: The Day that Ross bought a Sofa.

Is there anyone in the world that never watched an episode of Friends? If you are a Baby Boomer or a Gen X born, this is almost impossible, even if you weren’t a fan of this site com. Some of their episodes are classics of the 1990s TV and are wildly remembered. And some of the most remember episodes have to do with furniture, of course. What does a Sofa have to do with Ross Geller and the best practices of decor? Let’s see.

The Episode: Ross Buys a Sofa

Ross, the meticulous and demanding brother of Monica buys a sofa. But he finds that he has to pay for the shipping, and a high amount (nearly as much as the couch itself), so he refuses to pay for delivery. He asks Rachel to help him carry it all the way to his apartment, and the trouble begins. The two get stuck in the stairs (as there is no elevator) and it seems that it takes three to move that sofa. Chandler comes to rescue, but even the three of them can do nothing except smash the couch against the stairs, and the sofa is so hurt in the end that it ends up cut in half. 

Facing the damage, Ross decides to returns it to the store. And the only good thing he gets is $4 in store credit for exchange. And he accepts. 
What does this story tell us about furniture? Is it Ross too penny-piching? Yes, but we already know that.  Maybe some wise advice comes from the side of furniture.

Look for a real, good store. Why Does Ross buy a sofa without know the current cost of the shipping? and why paying as much as the cost of the sofa just for shipping? Today, a very good online store, like Manhattan Home Design, has free shipping for most of its items. That’s something you have to look for in a good store. And quality, trending articles, and affordable prices, too.

So, the best thing you can do, before buying a couch is:
Choose carefully your store. Look for a reliable dealer.

Measure! Measure your Sofa or search for the technical details on its web page. Please measure your space entries…Doors, elevators, and stairs. Don’t let everything on your friends!

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