Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: The Bar Cart

Back in the trends since the apparition of Mad Men in  TV, the Bar Carts are now pretty stable and demanded, and it seems that they will be part of our decor for a long time. But the bar carts are popular not only due to how cool Don Drapper could be seen reaching its bourbon. Bar Carts are functional.
A Bar Cart has always what you consider important. It may be your favorite liquor, but it is not restricted to that. And is portable. Take it to your bedroom and even outdoors. Nowadays, they are pretty much used as portable surface storage, carrying magazines, plants, and your unavoidable chargers, to act as charger station in Mid Century Modern style. 
Mostly squared, though they are some rounded models. Bar Carts have evolved from the glass – metal concept and wood has got in with some decent results. Their capacity for storage vary, but they always need to be light for easier handling. 
Have your favorite drink easily, served from your Bar Cart, and relaxing in your Barcelona Chair. Just like Don did. You can get all the experience of that in  Manhattan Home Design, the best online store for Mid Century Modern furniture in NYC.