Design elements with the Barcelona Chair: Texture

Texture is one of the most sophisticated elements in Interior Design. It requires some special feeling to get it all the way. 
Texture has to do primarily with the sense of touch. People like to feel different textures in their furniture softness, clean cuts, on one hand, or on the other hand rough textures, with warm shapes. It all depends on your personal taste and needs. 
As it happens with everything in Interior Design, balance is the key. A room formed by only soft – polished – clean-cut surfaces, will tend to be safe, boring. Variety in our perceptions will keep us awake and interested. 
But the texture is not only about our sense of touch. Texture has to do with a visual sense, too. A bare brick wall in the middle of a grey room makes us feel with several sensations: While we know is hard, irregular, and somehow rustic, on the other hand, it make us feel warm and with some sense of motion that we may enjoy.

And how does a Barcelona Chair feels?

The king of the leather chairs, a Barcelona Chair has a soft but textured touch. Its the feeling of real leather. Something really appreciated by leather enthusiasts. This is why is so demanded. Only real leather (Full Grain Italian leather) bring you this level of satisfaction, with all the wrinkles and variations of real leather. Exactly the same level of satisfaction you get visually. 

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