What are the Most Trendy Decor Items in NYC? 1/2

The Big Apple, Capital city of the World, NYC has a very strong sense of fashion, and of course, there are particular items that are preferred by the NYC public, among classics like the Barcelona Chair Let’s see:
One ancient art of artistic knots on textiles. Macrame once was associated with old ladies’ hobbies and hippies trends, but now it has taken some attitude and growth. Many artists are capable of complex works.
Subway Tile
It’s now everywhere in NYC, and not only in houses. How many restaurants and cafes have we seen with this characteristic white, plain tile?;  a lot, for sure, and it doesn’t look to be going anywhere soon. 
String Lights
Wow. How popular is that right now? Not only in NYC but from coast to coast. String lights are used right now almost everywhere: Indoors and Outdoors, and even in bedrooms are really popular. String lights bring fun, light, and a magic moment everywhere. Will we be tired of them anytime soon?
And not only these items are preferred by NYC, classic pieces of furniture, like the Barcelona Chair, and all the Barcelona Collection stay at the top of the tops, always as classic staples. Go to Manhattan Home Design and enjoy the experience.