The Flag Halyard Chair: One Piece With Amazing Sheepskin

Have you heard about the wonderful properties of sheepskin, and why did some designers like the famous Hans Wegner choose it as a notable component of works like the Flag Halyard Chair? You should know that, first of all, this material can be enjoyed at any time of the year, both the peak of winter and summer. That is thanks to the hollow fibers of the wool that transform it into a fresh fabric with good breathing. Also, it’s a very comfortable material thanks to its softness and to the fact that it’s a temperature insulator.

Imagine enjoying all these sensations when using a Manhattan Home Design’s Flag Halyard Chair replica. Contact with this surface will activate your blood circulation, favoring your immune system, producing a feeling of general relaxation. Sheepskin also contains lanolin, a substance very similar to that found in human skin. This is especially helpful in the recovery of tissues that have been affected by inflammation or rashes. Besides, it has been proven to be more resistant to dirt and bacteria, so it will be much easier to keep it clean.

If the above was not enough to understand why the Flag Halyard Chair reproduction contains this material, just like the original piece, you should know that sheepskin doesn’t emit an electric charge. It’s a partial insulator that doesn’t charge with electrical energy with the natural friction of the body and the environment. Discover the wonderful advantages of this modern piece and make it part of your layout!