Barcelona Ottoman or Barcelona Bench? You call the shots

There are two furniture items that we usually put at the end of the bed: Ottomans, and Benches. At this particular point we maybe don’t differentiate it very well, but they have their differences and there is a lot we can get of each one. And very much more, when they are Barcelona Bench and Barcelona Ottoman.

Barcelona Designs

Ottomans are smaller and can be at the end of the bed or on one side. They have storage facilities, but they are mainly to rest your feet at one side of the bed when you wake up. some are more functional than others. On the other hand, a bench is a very versatile piece that works very well at the end of your bed. It has a storage surface and an extra comfort zone. 

What are the main differences between a Ottoman and a Bench?

Basically, its function: They can be very similar in appearance and design, but the Ottoman is smaller and will serve mainly to bring an elevated point of rest for your feet. On the other hand, the Bench may serve to have a seat for a while or to put some magazines while we are relaxing in the living room. Ottomans can be rounded, too. Benches are always squared.

How am I suppose to use my Barcelona Bench and my Barcelona Ottoman?

Both pieces are very useful and versatile. A Barcelona Ottoman is great in the living room at the feet of your favorite seat or sofa. Its beautiful design is splendid in a living room or a bedroom at the feet of the bed.

SOurce: Derlook
A Barcelona Bench

Practical and comfortable, the Barcelona Bench is great for many purposes. At the feet of your bed is splendid to throw your personal belongings before going to bed and finally sink in your bed. In your living room, a Barcelona Bench provides you extra seating and extra comfort for these moments when more guests arrive. 

Lately, is a trend using your bench as a center table in your living room, getting the most of the portability and stability of many benches?

The Barcelona Bench has enough stability, beauty, and practicability.  But alone or combined, the Barcelona Bench and the Barcelona Ottoman are just great as decor elements and sidekicks in your daily living. Manhattan Home Designs will always provide you with the best replicas in the market for Mid Century Modern style pieces, like these masterpieces of design.