How to place your Barcelona Sofa in your living room?

A sofa is one of the most important focal points, not only in your living room but in your whole house. It is a heavy investment, not only in the literal sense of the word but in the financial sense.

Barcelona Chair and Tulip Table
Barcelona Chairs

But if you make a smart decision (choosing the Barcelona Sofa, for example), you will be relieved at the moment you see your purchase properly settled in your home. 

What do you need to consider when you place your sofa?

The correct placement of the sofa on your floor has to do with your living room layout:

  • How are placed the other significant elements in the room?. 
  • Do you have a TV in your living room? A fireplace?
  • Where are located your windows and doors?

For many places, the location of the TV and/or the fireplace determines the rest of the placement of the furniture. A TV in the living room means that it shouldn’t receive natural light directly due to the annoying effects of the glare on the screen, so, the TV is generally placed laterally to the natural light source.

In consequence, is natural to put the sofa in front of the TV. In case you have a large living room, a good idea is to create two different (but not separated) spaces, with two different sets of furniture: One for watching TV with comfort, and the other more oriented to receive guests and have a nice chat.

In that case, you should play with the possibilities of using several styles and models of chairs or to present a more homogenous view with a collection. In cases like that, keep in mind that to rely on a valid furniture collection.

The Barcelona Collection is a very articulated and beautiful Mid Century Modern set for a living room. Excellence items like the Barcelona Sofa, the Barcelona Chair, and the Barcelona Loveseat can be used perfectly, both as individual pieces or as a collection to give a unified, solid view. 

How to place your Barcelona Chair and your Barcelona Sofa? 

The Barcelona Sofa and the Barcelona Chair, just like the rest of the elements of the series, share the same original concept: Its characteristic “X” shaped frame of stainless steel, and that comfortable, beautiful, black cushions.

These elements are present equally in all the items of the collection. Sleeker and elegant just like the trends, and with a sober design, and elegant lines, the Barcelona Sofa and the Barcelona Chair are ideal pieces for the chat corner. It’s black or white leather (most of the times)  upholstery invites you to relax but without losing any elegance, you can rely in the Barcelona Chair and the Barcelona Love seat as sidekicks that helps you with the different combinations of furniture according to the dimensions and availability of other different  focal points. 

Always remember the golden metrics of furniture separation

Distance between seating furniture: Aim to provide between 3.5′ and 10′ between seating options to help the conversation flow without crowding a room.

A Barcelona Sofa has the elements to make you feel relaxed but beautiful in your own living room. Trust in Manhattan Home Design to experience the great feeling of a great piece of design.