What are the dimensions of your Barcelona Sofa?

One of the main things you need to know when you are buying a piece of furniture is its dimensions. Let’s take a look why is that relevant, and which are actually the current dimensions of the Barcelona Sofa.

SOurce: Barcelona Designs
Barcelona Sofa and Barcelona Chairs

A beautiful design by Mies van der Rohe and a well-executed rendering of the Barcelona Sofa will make a great impression in our Living Room, that’s for sure. But we should prevent some events to make our space really shine. 

To take the measurements of the room before we make any furniture purchase is definitely a must. Compare this info with the current measures of our sofa. We have to find out two things, for starters: Does our sofa really fits in our living?, and two: How I am going to assure that is correctly settled for people to use it and be comfortable with it?. 

Standard measures for sofas

Although there are countless models of sofas and sectionals in the market with different measures, there are some numbers useful to us, to keep in mind. On average, a normal sofa, like a Chesterfield of three seats has a back seat large of 78″, while an overall large of 86″.

The average height of 28″ and an overall width of 34″. Keep in mind that the overall large and overall width means the same, depending on the source.

Watching your room, keep in mind that is very common that the length of a sofa can be different from its back seat or from its backseat, or from its front. Sofas like the Chesterfield tend to be compressed in the back and wider in the front. 

The measures of the Barcelona Sofa

The dimensions of the Barcelona Sofa are the following:

  • Overall Height: 31.5″
  • Overall Large: 71″
  • Overall Depth: 29.5″
  • Seat Height: 31.5’’

Want to put your Barcelona Sofa over a base from a relatively weak material?. Keep in mind that it weighs 98 lbs.

Keeping a good social distance

No, this is not a note about COVID19, but about the necessary social distance between your furniture items and yourself, to feel comfortable getting in or out of them, or passing through them. One of the capital sins of decor is to overcrowding your space.

So, between your Barcelona Sofa, and any other object, let’s say for example a side table, it’s recommendable to keep one minimal distance. Aim to provide between 3.5′ and 10′ between seating options to help the conversation flow without crowding a room.

As you can see, checking the measures for an average sofa and the Barcelona Sofa, it’s relatively smaller and sleeker than an ordinary sofa. This means that a Barcelona Sofa is narrower but higher. This brings to the Barcelona Sofa a fit, sleeker look. That’s the reason it has such an elegant and distinctive appearance. The Barcelona Sofa is made for the relaxed conversation in a beautiful object, beyond the traditional idea of a place to take a snap in the afternoon. 

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