3 Spaces You Can Create In Your Attic With Modern Furniture (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about how you can set up an entertainment area in your attic with a Mario Bellini sofa and more elements. Now, is time to continue with the other two ideas that will make your attic look like the one from a movie. 

The next option is very functional for the times we live in. The resolution of the pandemic has forced us to stay at home, so our daily routine has changed dramatically. These resolutions have even affected the work area. That said, creating a focused space for work is perhaps one of the ways you can make the most of this extra space. For this you will only need a desk, an ergonomic chair and in case you want to give it a cozy touch, a modern sofa like the Mario Bellini sofa.

Source: roommatesdecor.com

The last option that we have brought you is a very common one, it consists of creating a guest room. A guest room is always necessary in a home because it is the place where we usually receive our loved ones as family and friends. Setting up a cozy space inside an attic is very simple! You will only need a bed, an armchair, a lamp and more accessories of your preference.