3 Spaces You Can Create In Your Attic With Modern Furniture (I/II)

Attics are spaces with great potential that have probably not yet been realized. These spaces usually contain beautiful structural details where the ceiling is usually the protagonist of the room. These rather striking beam ceilings that form a beautiful V, can contribute to the aesthetics of your decoration. Today we are going to show you how to configure your attic with modern furniture such as a Mario Bellini sofa, to achieve a functional and attractive space. Drag down to choose your preferred idea!

Set up a entertainment area

Instead of being traditional and having meetings in the living room, you can take your guest to a private and more cozy area where you can have interesting talks while enjoying a night of pool or even playing retro video games. For this you can implement a Mario Bellini sofa, a pool table, TV and even a section for a bar. Look at this good example.

Source: mykukun.com

Plus! If you have kids or teenagers at home, this can be the perfect gift for them! Be the parent of the year and configure them in an entertainment attic.

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