Japandi: The next big sensation?

The World of Interior Design has always looking for new ways to express; just like create and recreate it self. Looking for the right elements and principles in different art forms, to get the best of it in a new combination of values and practices. And maybe this is what’s happening right now with Japandi.

What is Japandi?

Japandi is a movement in Interior Design that looks to combine the best practices of Scandinavian Design with the philosophic principles and minimalist approach of Japanese furniture. Enthusiasts around this movement affirm that the results are amazing.

From Japanese design, Japandi takes the minimalist vision, that is elicited from the “Ma” principle. The Ma principle teach us about the importance of  the void spaces and the full spaces, and how to get the most of both, living in a balanced way. The master command of wood and the functionality of its furniture is a great addition of Japanese, too.

From Scandinavian design, Japandi takes the master command of wood, too, especially with the handle of light woods. Its vision of comfort and the variety of models are great additions, too.

To create Japandi spaces, follow the next tips, which will be examined later in detail.

  • Purge your home of unnecessary items
  • Give preference to light woods and local woods
  • Choose natural colors
  • Keep it balanced and simple
  • In the next article, we’ll be finding out a little bit more about Japandi.

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