3 Key Steps To Surround Your Asher Bed With Scandinavian Style

Much is said today of the Scandinavian style. In fact, for some time, it has been among the most chosen decorating trends in the world, something that has allowed it to expand to every corner of the planet, far from the coldest countries. If you have an Asher bed and have begun to fall in love with this style and its charms, here are three key steps to successfully turning your bedroom into a distinctly Skandi environment:

  1. Set up a simple color scheme. White cannot be absent, and it’s the one that must be present in greater volume, maybe accompanied by a neutral tone. Your platform bed frame should be surrounded by a color scheme that draws in plenty of natural light and warmth.
  2. Make wood your best friend. Wood is versatile, organic, warm, and elegant. Try that the rest of the furniture pieces that will accompany your wood bed frame are made of this very pleasant material.
  3. Make it warm, cozy, and decluttered. One of the unmistakable characteristics of the Scandinavian style is that all the elements are focused on warmth. The main objective is to make the spaces as cozy as possible. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the Nordic countries to have a fireplace inside the bedroom, accompanying the modern bed frame. Some add finishes with soft skins and rugs to make it even more pleasant.

If you feel that the best way to enjoy your mid-century bed frame is with a Scandinavian decorating style, these three steps will be your main guide in that noble mission, which will bring you highly satisfactory results.