Egg Chairs Variations You Should Know Exits | Check This Xmas Code To Get One! (I/II)

Today we are going to talk about one of my favorite chairs, yes, the Egg chair! I remember when I first saw this icon in the famous movie called Zoolander, I saw that the villain from the movie was sitting on one of the Swan models. The vibe and power the villain gets when he sits in the Egg chair are unmatched and I’m sure no other chair would have the same effect as this one.

So that was basically this was one of the reasons we decided to talk about the Egg chair. This iconic chair was first introduced in the 60s, where the mid-century modern style was emerging due to many young families. The Egg chair was basically created to offer a bit of privacy in public places, hence its shape. Now, let’s see the different models of this icon:

The swan model

This is by far the most recognized model among the Egg chairs, this couch variation was made for the Radisson Hotel, and a few were also made for a limited edition release.

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