The Arco Lamp: a Wonder to Discover In 2021

In the world of interior design, especially in the mid-century modern style, some pieces have stood out since their appearance for being considered pieces of art, and at the same time highly functional furniture or fixtures with valuable technical and aesthetic characteristics. A clear example of this type of piece is the Arco lamp reproduction. This lamp was first presented in 1962 by the Castiglioni brothers and quickly became an iconic classic modernist floor lamp due to its bold and imposing design. One of its most striking components is the sturdy marble base that supports the large aluminum arch.

Source: Barcelona Designs

The Arco lamp is a great example of the available options for any interior designer to give personality, style, and shape to an interior space. The mid-century modern style catalog has several resources that can be key to forming a layout and can even become the focal point of any space. As it’s a style that already has several decades of validity and continues to captivate the eyes and stimulate the taste of many homeowners around the world, over the years the options have expanded and models inspired by this and other iconic designs have emerged.

Source: Manhattan Home Design

Choosing the mid-century modern style as the decorative style for your space can be a very smart choice since, in general, it’s a style that’s usually liked by most people, it’s simple, highly aesthetic, based on functionality, practical and traditional. To choose it is to open up to the opportunity to transform the appearance of any interior space of the house and give it an outstanding aspect, be it the kitchen, the bathroom or any other. Placing an Arco lamp in one space is putting an unmistakable stamp of what this style represents and what it has to offer.

3Affordable Tips For Update Your Home| From Egg Chair Replica To DIY Projects (II/II)

In the previous blog, we mentioned why it is important to update our spaces and how an Egg chair replica can be the number one step in this process.

Now is the time to continue with our other two infallible tips to decorate your space in an affordable way. Swipe down!

This second tip is a bit related to the previous one since it can act as a complementary step, in addition, it is one of the most economical tips and one with the greatest impact on design.

Use wallpapers with eye-catching patterns

Wallpapers are an amazing and inexpensive way to give your room a 180-degree change. These elements not only look beautiful but they are also very functional since you don’t have to spend hours painting but you can stick it on your wall in a matter of minutes! Since they are currently in trend, it is possible to get thousands of designs where the flowers and the abstract patterns are the favorites.

We mention that this can complement the previous step since it can be added to one of the walls where you intend to add a cozy corner with your Egg chair replica or chair of preference.

Create your own shelves

This is one of the most implemented DIY in recent years because if you think for a second, there will always be something to hang. 

For example, this is usually very used when you want to hang plants or even family photographs.

You can also create one to store the books you want near your cozy corner.

3 Affordable Tips For Update Your Home| From Egg Chair Replica To DIY Projects (I/II)

Updating our spaces from time to time is a way to keep ourselves happy since the state of mind of the human being is usually related to the state of its environment. That is, if you feel good, your surroundings will look good.

So bring your good energy and start implementing these three surefire techniques to update your space affordably!

Set up a cozy corner with an Egg chair replica

We decided to mention the Egg chair replica as it is a classic piece and adored around the world for presenting a beautiful design. This high-end replica is just the one to place in that boring, empty corner. Its high backrest and swivel base will give you the comfort and style you want.

On the other hand, if you have a different style than the Egg chair, no problem! There are thousands of options on the replica market to choose from. The important thing is to choose those pieces that are made with quality materials and that combine comfort and aesthetics to greatly decorate your space.

Plus! Whether you choose an Egg chair replica or not, remember to add that warm touch with cushions and blankets on it.

Click for the other three tips for updating your home.

The Egg Chair & The Womb Chair: Two Mid-Century Icons That Revolutionized The Furniture Field (II/II)

In the previous blog we talked about how the Egg chair revolutionized the furniture industry along with the Womb chair. Now it is time to describe in detail this other piece that many mention that served as inspiration to create the Egg chair. Let us begin!

You’ve probably already seen this chair added in some modern design, industry, or even a movie like Legally Blonde. In case not, it’s time you get to know about this wonder! 

The Womb chair was created with the intention of innovating lounge chairs.

In 1946, Eero Sarinenen, just after a brief meeting with Florence Knoll at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, created the Womb chair as a cenpete. Back then, Knoll told her that she needed a chair where she would simply “sit on her side or however she wanted,” tired of the uncomfortable sofas everyone had back in her day.

Saarinen began to create the main version of the piece, taking as inspiration the uterus of a modern man. He did it this way as he felt that people had not felt comfortable since they left his mother’s womb.

The Womb chair has characteristics that make it an icon in furniture. It is a versatile and timeless chair, it has elegant curves, it has an ergonomic structure and comfortable for the back, it has steel accents that sparkle a moderate shine. For this and more, the Womb chair continues to be considered in modern designs.

The Egg Chair & The Womb Chair: Two Mid-Century Icons That Revolutionized The Furniture Field (I/II)

The mid-century style was a style that to this day is considered revolutionary. The designers involved in the emergence of this movement were creative and advanced minds at that time, they were capable of creating pieces such as the Egg chair which are considered timeless. These designers used innovative materials which allowed to reduce the cost of production and even maintenance. These pieces and the fundamentals of this style, such as simplicity and functionality, were of great help to standardize what we know today as interior design.

Today we will show you pieces in detail such as the Egg chair and the Womb chair, which, as we mentioned earlier, play an important role in the history of interior design. Let us begin!

The Egg Chair was designed in 1958 on behalf of the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. This chair is focused on privacy and style. Made from fabric-covered fiberglass shells, the seat is padded and the sloped armrest curves elegantly to the top.

This curvature creates a kind of hug, which is the characteristic that allows you to feel isolated. Many believe that the Egg Chair was inspired by Eero Saarinen’s Womb Chair, another groundbreaking design. And the Swan chair from Jacobsen comes as the original companion to the Egg Chair.

Click to know the history of the Womb chair.

Feng Shui Your Living Room With These Mid-Century Chairs | The Shell & Egg Chair Replica (II/II)

Before continuing, we recommend you read the previous blog to learn the basics of Feng Shui and why the Shell Chair replica is a good option to implement

Now that you have an understanding of why you should choose curved edges, let’s continue with our second choice of chairs that are perfect for Feng Shui; the Egg chair replica.

The Egg chair replica is an elegant and sophisticated option

The Egg Chair is a chair recognized in the furniture world for being a classic made in the mid-century times. This piece might seem familiar to you since it has debuted in different television series and even blockbuster movies due to its imposing and curved back. 

Saarineen, his designer, focused on giving the Egg silal features comfortable like a swivel stand but elegant as the material of its upholstery.

The Egg chair replica has the exact rounded edges you need to add this new philosophy to your life and surroundings, usually the rounded edges are necessary because it creates the illusion of welcoming positive energy and being open to new beginnings.

This chair can be found from its original supplier or its replica version on sites like Manhattan Home Design.

What do you think of these two rounded mid-century chair options? Comment below what was your piece!

Feng Shui Your Living Room With These Mid-Century Chairs | The Shell & Egg Chair Replica (I/II)

Get to know how the Shell chair replica will help you to Feng Shui your room!

Feng Shui has revolutionized the interior design industry not only in its home country but in western residences. This Asian philosophy is based on the approach of integrating the individual and their environment to result in harmonious energy around them. In addition, their philosophy is often considered in many countries, including Asian and Western, a lifestyle that they start implementing in homes.

So if you clicked on the blog it is because you probably know the basics of Feng Shui and want to turn your interior design into a place where the influences of this philosophy predominate. Today we will teach you how to do it from the furniture store. Scroll down and get to know today’s star pieces, starting with the Shell chair replica.

We decided to start with the Shell chair replica since within Feng Shui straight edges or rigid angles should be avoided at all costs because they tend to create something called “poison arrows” . These arrows tend to turn points to negative energy. The Shell chair replica, on the other hand, is composed of soft, round edges, which has an open and dynamic structure that inspires a welcoming and calm vibe.

Click to know why the Egg chair is also a good Feng Shui option.

3 Tricks You Must Know When Decorating Small Places

If you own an apartment or condo this blog is for you! Decorating any space by yourself is never an easy task, the situation is sometimes difficult when you must decorate a small interior as it requires more planning and strategies. Today we will show you three infallible tricks that you can use when decorating your home. Let us begin!

Implement the right furniture

Sofas like the LC3 sofa or those that are created under the modernist theory, are the ones that will help you make the most of every corner of your house.

Le Corbusier, the creator of the LC3 sofa, believed that every house and piece of furniture was machines that should be optimized as much as possible. That is why he created the collection where this piece is included, since its structure is molded to optimally fulfill its function.

Place mirrors strategically

Implementing mirrors strategically is part of the infallible tricks! This will re00flect the rooms or spaces, making you believe that there are more meters than there really are.

Use shelves

The bookshelf is part of the furniture of every home. By soldering things like books, candles, magazines or any other accessory you can save space and use it for another purpose.

So whether you choose the LC3 replica sofa, vintage mirrors or bookshelf, any of the tips will help you create the illusion of a spacious space.

The LC2 Chair & More Models That Add Sleekness To Your Entryway

The entryways are part of the sections of your house that must also be decorated. These are usually left in oblivion since most of the time people focus on the kitchen and living room, but it should not be like that! Since according to how they are decorated, they will help you make a good impression with your guests.

Whether you decorate with a modern chair, mirror, cabinet, etc. Either option could make a difference! Today we have listed just a few ways to beautify your entryway with going crazy in the process. Swipe down.

The LC2 Chair

The LC2 chair or Le Corbusier chair, is designed by the only Le Corbusier, or as some like to call him; the modernist father. This is an extremely comfortable chair that has the particularity of having a delicate structure made of stainless steel, the shine and its straight lines are what make this chair desired from the beginning.

Baronet fabric dining chair

This is a chair with more classic features such as the prominent buttons on one of the cushions. Also, unlike the previous example, it comes in a fabric presentation. So if you are not a fan of leather, this could be the chair for you.

A Togo Sofa & More Elements You Need When Decorating A Nursery Room (II/II)

In the previous blog we mentioned the first two necessary elements in a nursery room, we also offered you a perfect sofa option for potatoes which is the Togo sofa. In this section, we will describe this sofa option in detail and we will also mention the other essentials that your room needs.

The sofa togo is undoubtedly one of the sofas with thickest cushions on the market, these are filled with polystyrene. This sofa has a certain similarity to a bean bag since it is practically at ground level. This is an advantage since there is less probability of any accident that endangers the health of the baby.

The Togo sofa comes in two presentations; fabric and leather.


You may think that a baby does not take up that much space because it is so small, but this is a beginner’s lie. Although the newborn is small, the items related to it are not. You must have space for all the pieces of clothing and care, These are based on handkerchiefs, diapers, bibs, talcum powder, among other things.

 Comment below what do you think about the Togo sofa.