The Togo Sofa Is The Perfect Companion For Your Game Room, See Why!

If you are lucky enough to currently have an empty space in which you do not know how to decorate or use, this is the blog for you! Today we will explain how with a Togo sofa and some other elements you can create a wonderful room whose function is only entertainment.

A game room is a space that must have a console, a pool table, among other games depending on the people for whom you will decorate it. Whether they are children, adolescents or adults, the constant piece in this space is the comfortable furniture and here is where the Togo sofa takes center stage!


The Togo sofa usually looks like a fancy version of a pouf, remember them? The ones that appear in the nineties teen movies where they sit and call on the phone? Well, the Togo sofa can be seen as a much more elegant and comfortable version. This sofa is upholstered in aniline leather and lacks visible legs, giving it that laid-back look we want in a game room. This sofa is filled with high-quality foam and has quite thick mattresses to provide absolute comfort when sitting for long hours.

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A very special kind of bed. The Barcelona Daybed.

A bench? A Day Bed? A Bed? The Barcelona Daybed  is definitely a special hybrid between several pieces of furniture, and this is what it makes it so special.

Designed between 1928 and 1929 by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the Barcelona Collection to be presented in the International Exposition of Barcelona, this beautiful piece has made a landmark when it comes to elegance and comfort in interior design. 

Formed by a frame elicited of the original Barcelona Bench from ash wood, the Barcelona Daybed has the dimensions of a single bed. It is upholstered in stunning leather (black or white in its classic presentations), and it has 72 individual cushions full of comfort. Its design ends its iconic rounded leather bolster, secured to the cushioning platform with a pretty set of straps.

You can say that the Barcelona Daybed is a bench because of its platform. and you will have some reason. You can say the Barcelona Daybed  is daybed, and it sure performs as the best of them because of its comfort; and  you can considered it as a regular bed, due to its arm less design. But in all cases, the Barcelona Daybed exceeds your expectations with comfort, elegance and timeless beauty.

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Design Notes from the Barcelona Chair: 3 Tips To Buy your Sofa

A sofa is one of the main focal points of the house. It is one of the largest investments, too, so you have to be careful. A couch or a sofa should last for a long time if you buy the appropriate piece for you, and if you have some basic precautions. 

First:  Measure. 

Is your priority. You should take care not only of having enough space for the couch inside your loving, but to make sure that people is will walk around comfortably around the furniture. And remember to measure, not only your room, but your entrance and stairs/ access doors. That will save you a lot of bad moments.

Second: Pick a style. 

Are you buying just a couch and leaving all your living the same?, or will you start a progressive or total renovation?. In the fist case, you should buy a couch that aligns with your current style. For example, if you have green microfiber chairs, to buy a black leather sofa is not a good idea. But if you are going to a reno, read some magazines, explore on the web and find the style that catch your eye the most. Your style is your decision, and comes from the hearth. Look if you need for specialized people to make it real.  

Third: Keep it real.

Do you have children or pets?. Fabric couches like microfiber or cotton can be very damaged by spills or scratches, so, the endurance of your furniture is a important factor when you have children and pets. Leather is a very good option when it comes to cleaning and endurance.  

With the information of measures, type of coach and style, make a balance of what do you have in your balance, and buy the couch you need. 

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The Mario Bellini Sofa Was Part Of The Modern Revolution 

The number of pieces in the furniture world is increasing more and more! This way of expressing art is totally admirable as you can see in particular pieces how much the designers have put their creativity to the test. Today we will show you one of the sofas that has stood out for being a creative and revolutionary representation.

The modern sofa we are talking about is the Mario Bellini sofa. This piece bears the name of its creator. Mario Bellini is an Italian designer who has been an important participant in the modernist movement. At that time the so-called “boomers” realized that the distribution and design of the houses was becoming obsolete, therefore they decided to start opting for more open spaces and lower seats that allowed easy mobility. It is for this reason that the Mario Bellini sofa has a particular wave shape and structure. Besides, it is completely configurable, which at that time was a whole new concept. This sofa not only shows an unordinary shape and height, but also it has the modular characteristic. What a piece right? 

As you can see, the Mario Bellini sofa is definitely an appropriate representation of modernism! Did you know about it? Comment below!

Your Versatile Ally: The Barcelona Bench

Designed by Ludwig  Mies Van Der Rohe, one of the founding fathers of the Modernism, and one of the trademarks of what we call Mid Century Modern, the Barcelona Bench is one of the classic pieces of Interior Design and is always a good resource to get the most of your space, with class and comfort.

What to expect of this classic design? Its own functionality and beauty speak for itself, but, let’s say a couple of words.

At your bed.

An excellent partner besides your bed, a Barcelona Bench will give the extra comfort needed to support your feet, or to help you to wake up from a deep sleep, while you decide what to do with the rest of the day.

A cozy center table.

 If your living room is often a pole of attraction for your friends and family, a Barcelona Bench could be an excellent partner. With its beautiful design in black or white leather, it can perform as a center table, adding some magazines and cushions on it. And if suddenly the place gets crowded with guests, voila, you just have three more seats, so nobody stands still.

  A sidekick in the bathroom.

 If the measure of your bathroom is suitable, a  Barcelona Bench with two or three seats brings you extra comfort in moments when you need the most privacy. If you are interested in this excellent product you can find it in Manhattan Home Design for an affordable price.

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The Florence Knoll Sofa Is The Key Piece For Your Scanidivian Living Room

The Scandinavian style has turned out to be one of the styles that have set trends this year. This has been proven thanks to expert blogs in interior design and communities that search for information related to this style on a daily basis. Due to the boom that the Scandinavian style has brought not only to Americans but to other nationalities, we have decided to dedicate a space on the blog to show you one of the pieces that can serve as a focal point and be of great help in the conversion of your living room in a space that reflects the passion for Hygge, like all good Danes!

The Florence Knoll sofa is the piece we will talk about today. This magnificent piece that bears the name of its creator, is the combination of elegance and simple lines that a good Scandivian layout needs. This ultra-comfortable sofa is upholstered in aniline leather which creates an aesthetic and pleasantly attractive appearance. Not only is it covered with one of the best leathers on the market but it is also filled with high quality foam. Also, inside, steel springs and solid wood provide strength and stability.

Discovering The Perfect Spot For Your Eames Lounge Chair

Designing a floor plan is a simpler process than anyone might think. In fact, it can be a lot of fun when done with all the necessary resources, when you know exactly what you want, what you don’t want, and you’re willing to take on the challenge of shaping your space according to your needs and preferences, even if you don’t have experience in the matter.

The main objective will always be to create functional environments that adapt to your lifestyle with everything you need to be efficient and at the same time aesthetically reflect your personality and what you want to communicate through colors and shapes.

Following that order of ideas, an Eames Lounge Chair can be your front row in front of the TV, your luxury armchair for your reading sessions, your lounging chair to enjoy the afternoon breeze on your balcony, and even your office chair.

It’s a design that includes an ottoman and that implies that the space it occupies is slightly larger than that of chairs in other categories. An Eames Lounge Chair replica like the one from Manhattan Home Design can look just as good as an original piece and function optimally.

You can place your Eames Lounge Chair reproduction in a discreet spot that doesn’t interfere with the free movement of users and, depending on the activity you’ll be doing, that’s an area with sufficient light and ventilation, with a compatible decorating style. After all, it’s a masterpiece of Mid-Century Modern style and deserves the best place to shine.

The Barcelona Table and the Market of Center Tables

With any shape, color, material, size, the Coffee Table or Center Table is always there in our living rooms, and there is hardly any design without this useful and versatile element, and the  Barcelona Table stays always with the relevance of classics. Let’s share some lines about the Coffee table and its trends in 2021.

In 2020, coffee tables keep with their endless models and designs, with some common factors:


Most of the coffee tables keep a squared or a rounded shape. They both have advantages and disadvantages. A squared table allows you to get most of the surface for serve drinks and keep your stuff. A rounded table makes it easier for people in the living to move around, in and out of the sofa. Of course, there are nongeometric tables with irregular patterns, like the Noguchi table, that are very popular; but as it happens with furniture, classic options have a longer expectancy of life and relevance.


The top of your table becomes relevant when you have to choose which model you want. The classic choices are tables entirely made of wood, or with a crystal top, as in the case of the   Barcelona Table. Do you have kids? glass tops are more recommended for a grown-up’s home. On the other hand, glass tops are very elegant and they fill your place with light giving you a sense of light through their transparencies. There are more options, like marble or even mirror tops, to create optical effects. One classic Mid Century Modern style table, like the Tulip Table, has a stainless steel body with a marble top that is very appreciated for its endurance and beauty.


Though the main use of coffee tables is very obvious, lots of designs are made to add some extra functionality. While the classic option has generally one surface, their table sets, too, designed to provide more storage spaces for everyday stuff: your phone, throws, magazines, and so on. Table sets, as most of the coffee tables are portable and detachable, so you can separate the element that you want to use. There are direct storage tables designed with several drawers or inserts. They can be useful, but you should take care not to overcharge your space and not occlude or obstruct your view. 

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Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: Japanese Style

Firmly rooted in the philosophic base of traditional Zen, the Japanese Style of Interior Design has very particular features, that make it “love it or hate it”. Very trendy nowadays, Japanese is very requested in its more traditional way, but now is a heavy influence among other designers, even in the creating of new Interior Design trends, like Japandi. Let’s share some of its main principles.


Japanese Style is the essence of minimalism. Decluttering, clean-cut lines, and a great appreciation for negative space, are very important features to take into consideration.   

Soul and Spirit

Japanese Style promotes peaceful, calm spaces, with just a simple use of materials: Wood in the first place, with the help of glass and metal

Flow of energy

Negative space is a very appreciated feature. When a room has enough negative space, energy flows.

Open Concept

Getting the most of the space is a basic characteristic of Japanese Design. It’s about getting to the bones of your home and keeping the essentials. Sliding doors are essential to the Japanese traditional homes,  they allow us to organically meld our space with nature in a harmonic way.

Wabi – Sabi

Wabi-Sabi means finding beauty in imperfection. Each word has a complementary meaning. While Wabi means Being one with nature with humility, Sabi means Accept the imperfections of nature just like they are. This can be seen as make yourself one with nature, with humility, giving to your place a natural environment, with a thoughtful decluttering and the love for a conscious minimalist surrounding. Instead of looking for the latest furniture novelty, it means to accept your current elements and use them wisely. This is call authenticity.

Organic and Natural

Plants. Wood, and all kind of organic materials are welcomed with all its imperfections, that brings character to the room


One of the most distinctive characteristics of Japanese Interior Design is furniture. With their exotic names (for us), and their wise ancestral traditions, Japanese furniture has a lot to explore. That’s the case of the large windows (“Shoji”) to get the most of the natural light; the handwoven straw mats to sit on the floor and relax (“Tatami”); the large bathtubs in the bathroom (“Ofuro”), all of them are show us a different way for westerns to live in harmony within ourselves and with our environment.

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A Modern Sofa Can Break Up The Monotony of Your Environment

Monotony is like an evil that all interior designers want to escape. Choosing a modern sofa has been a trend for many years for people who are not willing to resign themselves to always living in environments with predictable and boring décors.

It’s always good to listen to the advice of professionals or even people who have more experience in interior décor to be able to achieve more satisfactory results or make interesting changes when you feel that you’re tired of always seeing the same thing in your space.

A midcentury sofa, if it has an appropriate design, colors, and materials, can be a perfect element that gives meaning and coherence to the entire environment. Leather sofas, for example, since are almost always forged with resources extracted directly from nature, represent the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, and are usually very resistant and durable.

A modern sectional can be a piece with a lot of presence, which provides a sufficient load of visual interest and originality, even in open-concept floor plans in which there are many elements and the space is very wide.

The best sofas have the spirit of their own that their designers gave them, and they can easily become the focal point of your décor, the life of the party, or the transforming element that you’ve been wanting to find.