Types Of Leather That Your Modern Sofa Should Have! (I/II)

Selecting a good leather is one of the key steps you must follow in order to acquire a durable and resistant sofa. There are many types of leather that you can choose according to your style and needs and today we will dive into this topic, showing you some of the best quality leathers and an example of it represented in beautiful modern sofas

I would like to start with our personal favorite; the aniline leather.

The aniline leather is basically a type of leather that is dyed exclusively with soluble dyes without covering the surface with topcoat paint or insoluble pigments. This results in very natural leather with the hide’s natural surface, such as visible pores, and original scars that the skin had.

The colors dyed without doing a completely different process to unify the surface color has been done intentionally, in fact, any color variation in the leather from such natural imperfections will remain in the final product and will be a sign of genuine aniline leather.

A good example of this type of aniline leather on a sofa is the LC3 sofa.

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