Elements of Design with the Barcelona Chair: Animal Print Patterns

They are now trending, after a long hiatus since its heyday in the 1970s. Animal Prints are widely used now, basically taken from the hands of wallpaper. 

By animal print patterns we must think of classic patterns, like leopard stains; tiger stripes; zebra stripes, or directly funny/ natural images of frogs, birds, and so on. 

Animal Print patterns are a very bold choice, they must be used with care, due they are usually very strong elements. Tiger Stripes, for example, look better when they are delimited in some cushions, or in a rug; but they are terrible in walls. 

One popular trend now is to use it in the curtain of the bathroom. Walls in general, kitchen, bedrooms are usually forbidden places for tiger stripes. 

Another animal print sin, consists of pairing it with flowers or plant elements, just like a jungle.

So in brief: Animal prints are beautiful and magnetic, but too powerful. Cushions, little spots with wallpaper must be considered, but not more beyond that point.

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