Thrifting fever and the Barcelona Chair

Its gaining popularity year after year, and apparently it will not stop. The thrifting fever is here to stay.

Thrifting (that is, buying second hand merchandising from charities or donation stores), is on the rise and not for financial reasons. It’s becoming part of a broader phenomenon where fashion style and ecological awareness is melting in a new set of preferences.

A key factor that hints about the permanency of thrifting, is that the phenomena is driven by the youth. Nowadays, to wear vintage clothes, or using vintage furniture is considered cool and trendy. Even big media, celebrities, are big enthusiasts that present houses where proudly they declare how many articles come from thrifting stores or flea markets.

What are the benefits of Thrifting?

Of course thrifting has its benefits, and its most enthusiasts advocates have some reasons worthy of listen.

Thrifting is cheaper. Obviously, buying second-hand furniture or clothing may be cheaper in the beginning. If your item of furniture is worthy, like a Barcelona Chair replica by Manhattan Home Designs,  it will last for many years, but if we talk about cheap and bad quality, low ends items,  it may ending expensive un the future, when you need to replace your piece again.

Thrifting is eco friendly. Not buying new furniture may help, allegedly, to take care of the planet, if it helps to reduce the carbon footprint

Thrifting helps the community. Many thrifting stores make contributions and donations to the community. Buy in a thrifting store may result in benefits for your neighbors and your surroundings.

And finally, thrifting is trendy. At least these days.

Is thrifting a good way to get your Barcelona Chair?. We’ll see that in our next article.