What is Stooping? Can I get a Barcelona Chair this way?

The arrival of the Pandemic times, COVID 19, and the unavoidable Lockdown bring us new surprises every day. Some changes are good without discussion, but some changes are just curious, let’s see.

Lockdown,  quarantine may change the daily routines for a family, including our purchases, like furniture purchases. The difficulties to move around the city, or to guarantee logistic coordination may really turn us down. From this reality, some new social responses are coming around. Stooping my be one of them.

Sharing and snabbling discarding freebies is one of the trends that rose greatly this year, and people are calling this Stooping. It consists in to look and find in the streets of NYC, a part of the furniture of your dreams,  even your entire living room. Nowadays powerful names in the social networks have emerged to cover all the angles of the Stooping movement.  The idea is to make one fine finding, or reset of your space, all with lost jewels dumped in the streets of NYC. This means NYC furniture.  You should take a picture of the furniture piece “before” (in the street), and one when it is settled in your place.

On the other hand, lots of people just like to take a pic of some valuable piece of furniture they find on the street, with the hope that someone in need could take it and give it a proper use. And NYC is without a doubt, a paradise for Stooping. Daily,  dozens of properties dump in its garbage pieces of furniture of high quality or medium quality, with lots of wearing or medium use.  For many people in this trend, this is a gold mine with countless beautiful pieces.  All styles can be found there:  Mid Century Modern, Scandi, a lot of office furniture…The sky is the limit. Even celebrities have turned in favor of this practice.

Not just a trend

But is not only a matter of feeling the joy of décor your place with furniture found in the streets. It has to do with ecological reasons, too. One more table rescued is one minus table that ended manufactured by any house. Stooping helps to take care of the planet, by reducing the  waste.

But there are risks

But not everything is so shiny about Stooping.  In the end, you are taking objects from the street garbage, and you should be aware of that.  Every piece taken should be carefully and cautiously cleaned in order to prevent any risk of contamination. A special focus in this matter has to do with COVID 19.

I will get what I find, Not what I want.

You have to take in consideration that you will take what you find in the street, and that is not necessarily what you need and desire. If you made your mind of taking a Barcelona Chair home, hardly you would get it in the streets of NYC. Why? Well. generally the happy owner of a Barcelona Chair knows what it is, and take care of it.  As a brand new replica, or as a vintage piece, Barcelona Chair are always desired, and not the type of things that you find in the garbage.

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