The four key questions for a successful home renovation, by the Barcelona Chair (II/II)

Learn to read your rooms

It’s important to know what can you do or what can’t you do in your space. That’s what they call “reading the room”. You are maybe a fan of strong, dark colors, but your house has not a very good source of natural light. In that case, dark walls will be a mistake. Take some time to see what your space has to give, and what it needs to gain to achieve the perfect design in the style of your own.

Will you do it with consulting or by yourself?

It’s important to notice that you can go on a home renovation with the consulting of a professional, or just on your own. That will be your choice, but what you can’t do is to go unprepared or uninformed. The mistakes that you make in the early stages of the road can be corrected but at elevated costs.  If you want to repaint a wall after all the decor is there, that can be a little upsetting.
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