The four key questions for a successful home renovation, by the Barcelona Chair (I/II)

To decorate a house can be a complex job and depends a lot on the extent of your purpose: A whole renovation? A project on phases? Is not just about placing a beautiful Barcelona Chair in the middle of the living room

In spite of the approach you take, you will need, prior to any movement, to answer several questions, that will make you take the right choices. The clearest your thoughts you have, the better that result will be.

What style digs you the most?

Don’t jump on board on a project you don’t like. Take some time to find out what style do you prefer. You will be living with it for some time, so you better be comfortable. Read blogs, magazines, and find what attracts you. Do you love the Barcelona Chair? There will be great ways of decor to satisfy you, but only you will make the shots. Once you define your style of choice, you learn a lot about yourself and find the process really fun.

Who will be living with you?

Do you have kids? Pets? How many people live with you? Is your house a crowded place usually, as the gathering point of your friends? These answers are crucial to plan a house that really works for you and your beloved ones. Think that furniture has to be in harmony with your needs. Colorful, fun microfiber sofas are very trendy these days, but if you have an extended family, with kiddies and four pawns, your risks of spillovers, scratches, and hair over your furniture are quite considerable and can make serious damage to your newly purchased piece. Aniline leather, just like the Barcelona Chair leather, can be a better ally.