The Barcelona Table and the trends in coffee tables

Sober, elegant, and minimalist, the Barcelona Table has made its way in the world of Interior Design by its own merits, but as part of the Barcelona Collection, too.

From a classic squared shape, the Barcelona Table has a solid, but stylish cross frame, made of one stainless steel piece, of mirror finish,  for long durability. Upon this frame, the glass top of  3/4″ thick with a polished 1/8″ beveled edge. The glass is held in place on the frame by 4 clear rubber bumpers that support it. Its a simple, but powerful design, easily recognizable.

As a single piece, the Barcelona Table remains as one of the most popular designs in its field around the world. But when it comes to style, the Barcelona Table is part of the Barcelona Collection.

The Barcelona Collection
Formed by the iconic Barcelona Chair; and the Barcelona Sofa, Loveseat, Ottoman, Table and Benches, the Barcelona Collection was an authentic breakthrough in the world of design back in 1929.

All the elements of the Barcelona Collection have the same concept: An “X” chromed stainless steel frame that gives the Barcelona Chair this characteristic shape, stylish and sleek. It’s comfortable squared leather cushion, as soft as elegant, is replicated in the rest of the pieces.
As a part of the Barcelona Collection, The Barcelona Table has a very elegant view when its surrounded by the rest of the line:  The Barcelona Sofa, Love seat, and Chair. The view of its squared shape against the upper side of the Barcelona chairs gives you a neat, clean cut view.

The Barcelona Collection, a Glass Center table

The Barcelona Table was never listed as a “coffee table” in the Barcelona Collection. Nevertheless is naturally considered as one coffee table or center table.  Its dimensions are very similar to any regular coffee table:  Width 39″; Height 18″; Depth 39’’. But beyond that, the Barcelona Table has a glass top. What has a glass top table to stand over other models?

A glass top table
Some people are enthusiasts of glass top tables, while others are enthusiasts of wood or other materials. Leaving apart design details, glass top tables have some strong points on their side.

First of all: the crystal neutral view is fine with almost any color palette you use in the home. Second: by its properties with light, a glass top table reflects it, and is great to get a room clear and light. And you can even use the properties of the Barcelona Table to let some detail shows over the rest, like for example, to let some pattern of your rug to be more visible.
Any disadvantage? Of course, even a Barcelona Table has some minor disadvantages, like, for example, the presence of kids and pets over there.  The cristal thick of a Barcelona Table is quite strong, with a tempered glass top of 1/2 inch, but prevention is never enough when it comes to our loved ones.
Created as part of the Barcelona Collection, the Barcelona Table is the essence of a classic coffee table or center table. With its low profile glass top; elegant and sleek and with a dynamic stainless steel frame, its the cherry of the cake in a classic set up. It is a very good choice when your furniture is solid or heavy, and you need to lighten it a bit. Its glass top reflects light, so works as a tool in dark places. The sober design of the Barcelona Table makes it great too in office rooms or professional spaces.
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