Get Inspired To Decorate With Your Barcelona Chair With These Designs From Pinterest (II/III)

Note: we recommend you to read the first article of inspiring ideas from Pinterest to decorate your room, before reading the second part.

Bid for mixing styles designs

You can play and enjoy the process of designing a room because you can mix with the current variety of items and elements. For example, you can try to match rough and soft textures because they will blend perfectly or you can try to add boho detail such a table or basket. It’s up to your taste.

Plus! Remember to add different contrasts and play with the textures.

Add frameless mirrors 

A frameless mirror is a perfect accessory or complement to create a focal point and create the illusion of having a larger space. If you like this idea you should try adding frameless mirrors because they are modern and currently a trend that would help you create the complete concept you want.

Source: Offset 

Use modern materials such as steel and glass

The great thing about the Barcelona chair replica is that it includes the specific appearance of modern furnishing, so guiding you through this iconic piece would help you choose the metallic detail you need. 

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