The 7 deadly sins of Interior Design, by the Barcelona Chair. ANGER.

Anger is a bad advisor. It makes you take bad decisions.  Mythological and Biblical are examples of bad consequences. And how is this related to the world of Interior Design? It’s amazing how in little and big things the sin and its consequences are the same. Let’s see.

Thou shall think twice
We all want to see a beautiful house, stylish, clean, and functional.  And we certainly love it when all goes well. A gorgeous velvet sofa is stunning in its very first days, and for some time; but as it usually happens with all types of fabrics, one day one little cut is made by accident, and It may leave some thread of velvet hanging from one arm (At its right side, your  Barcelona Chair, of beautiful black leather, watch the scene aloof).

You can fix that little lose thread right there, with a little intervention, but is not really that urgent in comparison with other issues.  So, you go on with your own business. And so on and so on. This way, time flies.

One day you walk through the living room and find out that the loose thread has left a visible hole, and the arm of your beautiful sofa looks horrible. Terrible.  You feel bad. A mix of emotions crosses for your mind and you finally end feeling anger.  As a result, you make a couple of phone calls and ask an expert to reupholster your sofa.

Apparently you are attacking the problem, somehow and a little late. But the truth is that it wasn’t a good decision. Upholstering is nowadays, almost as expensive as buying new furniture, so maybe your best option was to buy a new sofa instead. If you were attacked the problem in its beginning, simple sewing would work. Now it’s late, and you need to expend almost the same amount of a brand new sofa. When you are pressed by anger, there is not very much room for reasoning.

To avoid falling in the sin of ANGER, the best thing you can do is to avoid the snowball effect. If you know this is a big issue for you, don’t let your problems accumulate and try to solve them as fast as you can. Don’t let that anger let you make bad decisions. Do a list of all the loose threads your house has hanging around (a room waiting for paint, a leak, a  chair with broken legs), and start to attack them, step by step. The main thing is start.

At the end of the day, relax in your Barcelona Chair, thinking in the accomplishments of the day, and willing to work in the next effort.

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