Barcelona Daybed vs Regular Daybeds: Rooms and Style (I/II)

We have taken a look at the Barcelona Daybed and the Regular Daybeds, comparing dimensions and materials. Now let’s take a look at the style.

The daybed, in general, is a very sui generis piece of furniture. Neither a bed nor a sofa, somehow it resumes the best of both pieces to whom that are willing to find a piece of relaxing furniture outside the classic bedroom.

But for the same reasons, Daybeds have special some special requests when it comes to decor. A Daybed is not considered as the main focal point of a living room. This space is reserved usually to classic options like a couch or sofa. A Daybed is destined most of the time to spaces like a family room, a large bedroom, a lounge, or a backyard. Is not the case of the Barcelona Daybed, designed precisely to be the center of the room, wherever it is.

This is especially true in the case of regular daybeds. Due to its dimensions and features, Regular Daybeds can be placed better in no conventional spaces, or large living rooms that make enough space to create a separated ambient.  

The Barcelona Daybed, with a sober, minimalist design has the virtue to fit in all spaces, even in classic living rooms, where it fits flawlessly at one side of the traditional combo sofa-loveseat-chair.

So, if you are interested in a Daybed, be sure of review your space/ room options before you make a purchase.

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