Sofa or Modular?

Since the last decade, Modular solutions have been very popular in most of the American homes. The big numbers in the market tell us that sectionals are the preferred option right now. Nevertheless, this is not as much a change of preferences, than one adjustment on some groups of homeowners that require a more customized solution.

This has to do with the several restrains of most of the current customers of furniture and home owners today. The market of furniture has changed in the last decades, reflecting the changes of real estate and the way of living of most Americans.

Nowadays, people has smaller families, living in smaller houses and adjusting its demands of furniture. That big Chesterfield sofa is not anymore the last desire of most home owners in need of beautiful, comfortable but practical solutions. That’s why modular, sectional solutions are on the rise, like the Eastwood Sofa. Nevertheless, classic options like the Barcelona Sofa, have always a niche on the market due to to the enthusiasm for Mid Century Modern style design.

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