Rules & Elements You Can Use To Complement Your Modern Sofa (I/II)

Getting the design of your dreams requires a lot of planning and determination. Just choosing the sofa that will be the protagonist of your living room is an arduous task. However, this arduous task does not end there. After purchasing your dream sofa, it is necessary to follow a series of rules to position and place your modern sofa in the most aesthetic and optimal way possible. Today we will show you just a few rules that will be very useful when finalizing your living room design. We will also show you which elements combine well with a modern sofa such as the Florence Knoll sofa or the Le Corbusier sofa. Let us begin!

Balance your shapes and colors

This is the first rule you should follow when arranging and decorating with your modern sofa. What balance means is to well distribute the elements that are placed in a space. Try to not group all small pieces in one place and all the big ones in another. On the contrary, try to mix them up! For example, if you have a Florence Knoll sofa, you can opt for a rounded table due to its square form.

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