Many options in relaxing, but only one Barcelona Daybed

A Barcelona Daybed

Have you ever checked the great variety of options available in daily relaxation? The options are almost countless: Sofa beds, futons, daybeds, benches, trundle beds, and so on. Though we know that there is only one Barcelona Daybed, let’s take a look at all the different possibilities of relaxing outside our own bed that make us dream.

Let’s keep in mind what all the pieces of furniture that we will review have in common: They’re made to bring you relaxation and sleep outside your bedroom, without going to your bed.

Sofa beds

A sofa bed is a classic option that always is present. The main feature with a sofa bed has to do with its dynamic function. It will change from a full seating solution, to a total or partial relaxing one . One sofa, like the LC5 will change almost effortlessly to a bed with a little movement of cushions. On the other hand, most of sectionals are indeed a daily bed in its longer seat. Sofa beds and sectionals have always elegant and functional designs, and they always will have demand from the big public. A very related item, the futon differentiates the sofa due to its rolled cushion, that can be used anytime, to unfold the daily bed. 


The traditional bench is one of the most simple and comfortable pieces of furniture ever created. It has a storage surface and a relaxing and sitting surface that can add several extra seats at certains spots of a big house; whether below a big window, or in the middle of a large hall.

Trundle Beds

Trundle Beds are a convenient item to keep. A portable bed that you can fold and roll in its own casters, from any place, to below your bed or sofa bed. 


Modern Daybeds, like the Barcelona Daybed, combine in the same item the advantages of a twin size bed and a sofa, looking to provide us the best of both worlds. Generally, with a three-sided frame and a twin side mattress to display in almost any place, a modern daybed has the ability to be outdoor/indoor without too much effort. If you have a big area to fill, and big desires of relaxation, this could be the one for you. 

The Barcelona Daybed

And finally, a Barcelona Daybed has the ability to combine a great amount of the features of the items mentioned before. The Barcelona Daybed has an ash wood platform elicited from the Barcelona Bench. Its body, nevertheless, is more alike to a twin bed, but it has a more refined, sober design. And due to its light design, is almost as portable as any other solution, to be relocated to any place in the house. A Barcelona Daybed, different from a regular daybed, will barely overcrowd a room, and always will bring its timeless comfort zone of relaxation. Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a great exponent of the Mid Century Modern Style, the Barcelona Daybed is somehow a confluence of several virtues of the different alternatives in relaxation available today. 

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