Knowing The Mario Bellini Modular Sofa | Authentic & Original Design

Mario Bellini was is an Italian architect and designer recognized for his authentic and original couches, sofas, and dining chairs. His designs are influenced by minimalistic fundamentals; simplicity and functionality, including the attempt to solve daily problems presented at the home.

A design career is a process of learning better and better what you know instinctively.

Mario Bellini – Architect & Designer.

Today we are going to talk about one of the most iconic pieces made by this Italian designer, the Camaleonda sofa, a modular sofa that includes a set of square seats, which can be separated and configured according to your needs; this is normally called a “reconfigurable sofa”.

One of the greatest features of this modern sofa is that it’s very flexible and versatile, why? Because it lets the user create the landscape he wants making it fittable to any living room or any decorating project you have in mind.

Mario bellini sofa ivory

And what about Mario Bellini sofa materials?

Its Merbau wood structure makes it resistant to natural rot.

Regarding the cushions… Yes! They are as comfy as they look because they are filled with polyurethane foam, creating three dense layers of different thicknesses, offering the perfect spot to lay down, reading a book, or take a nap.

Also, its legs are made of solid wood, which makes it resistant and long-lasting.

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