Design notes by the Barcelona Chair: What’s the difference between a Sofa and Loveseat?

When it comes to your living room, the management of space is really important. One of your main purposes should be to set a comfortable space, with an easy flow between furniture.
If your Living Room is too small or it has a tricky layout, you should play with the available options in furniture. A classical combination of sofa + two chairs + coffee table is maybe not suitable. Here is where a Loveseat is a promising solution. But sometimes people get confused about the Loveseat and its difference against a regular sofa.
Traditionally, what is referred to as a difference between a sofa and a loveseat is the number of seats. While they are pieces of the same basic measures: Height, depth, they differ in width. It means that a sofa and a loveseat are basically the same pieces, just that the sofa has 3 (or more) seats, and the loveseat always two. Take the combo Barcelona Sofa/ Barcelona Loveseat, for example.
Some specialists argue than a “loveseat” is effectively a two-seat piece, while there are, besides, some 2 seat sofas. While it can be the same model as a sofa, a 2 seat sofa has smaller dimensions than a love seat.
But, beyond the consideration of a sofa, loveseat or 2 seat sofa, keep in mind always, that you should get the most of your space, in a balanced way. 
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