Home Office Tips II: 3 Accessories and Modern Furniture You Can Implement

In the previous blog we talked about one of the most essential tips for your home office, which was the configuration of a space for breaks. We mention why it is important and we list one of the best options; the LC3 sofa.

This sofa is optimally made for offices and small places. This aniline leather upholstery has an advantage within its cushions, which is high density foam.


The use of table clocks has probably declined from a few years to now, however, these now come with useful functions that will make your life in the office much more comfortable. These functions include Bluetooth, LED displays, phone charger, and others. So they will not only help you to distribute your time well but also give a modern touch to your desktop.

Plants and art

Remember that not everything is about work! It is also about wellness. To be productive you must feel in a calm environment, for this you can add plants in decorative pieces and even add a painting of your favorite artist. In this way it will help you to detach yourself by using it as a focal point when pressing.