Home Office Tips I: 3 Accessories and Modern Furniture You Can Implement

Home offices are increasingly common to find in this year 2021. This is undoubtedly due to the changes that have resulted from pandemic restrictions, in which it is not allowed to be in crowded places. While this has its downsides when it comes to entertaining with friends, it does have its ups when it comes to work! I mean, who doesn’t like to get up and be able to work in their pajamas? Although it may be more comfortable, your productivity will depend on whether you have the optimal and functional space for your tasks.

A desk and  chair is not enough, although this is the basics, there are other accessories and furniture such as the LC3 sofa that will help you configure the right space to work from home. Check out this list we’ve created for you where we’ve included things you probably didn’t know you needed!

The LC3 sofa is a comfortable piece for breaks

In your home office you should have two types of seats, the office chair and the chair or sofa for your breaks. Studies reveal that taking breaks during work hours increases productivity by a high percentage.

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