Give your welcome to the Barcelona Chair, in pairs,  or as an accent Chair.

One word that easily could be used to describe the Barcelona Chair is Singular.  With its relaxed shape, and that iconic “X” Stainless Steel frame, the Barcelona stands among most of the current landscape of the market, as an innovative piece of design. Why?

Its one-piece stainless steel frame is unmatched still. The association with the model of the Barcelona Chair is unique

It has no arms, so it can be placed among other ones without overload your space. Due to its singular ax of reclination, it looks beautiful in pairs at a 45 degrees angle.

And as an accent chair, the Barcelona Chair has the main feature you demand of this piece of design, in the middle of the living-room: Its singular beauty. With enough presence to be placed by itself, the Barcelona Chair may bring sobriety, elegance, and beauty to complement any room, especially with leather lovers.

From the original pig skin model of 1929, till the day of today, with high-end replicas of premium leather, the Barcelona Chair has the permanency of classics. Don’t miss the opportunity in Manhattan Home Designs to get the experience of an exceptional piece, at affordable price.