Get Inspired To Decorate Your LC2 Sofa With These Pinterest Pins

Pinterest is a platform where you can see images related to any topic you like, including fashion, hairstyles, music, and most importantly; interior design. When it comes to interior design you can find more images than you can imagine, from color palettes to furniture to choose from.

Whenever you acquire a new furniture piece it is normal to sometimes feel overwhelmed because you don’t know which steps to follow or how to arrange all components, that’s why it is so helpful to get inspiration from other designs. Today I have placed 3 designs from the Pinterest platform you can recreate at your place with your LC2 Sofa and other elements.

Scroll down and tell us your favorite!

Photo taken from Florida Designs

The Le Corbusier furniture piece brings to this entertained room a sophisticated air together with a modern and unique vibe. The steel materials from the LC2 sofa and the Barcelona chair are ones responsible for the elegant look. This design is very easy to obtain, just remember to choose a neutral palette for walls.

Photo taken from

The glass is the best partner for modern design. Mix steel and glass materials and create the luxurious design you want!