Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: String Lights

They are everywhere. Almost literally. String Lights are used massively, both in Indoors and Outdoors. Even indoors are used in several rooms at the same time, since they are hanged on our backyards, in our living rooms and our bedrooms. 

Are we maybe using them too much? maybe. But now we are living the furor. Nevertheless, the phenomena of the string lights are old data. Since 1882 we find records of their use, when Edward Johnson, partner of Thomas Edison,  rounded a Christmas tree with a string of red, white, and blue bulbs, electrified by a generator. It was the birth of the modern Christmas tree. In the 1910s this tradition became popular in all populations, and since then several uses were given to the string lights, till nowadays. 

Today, string lights are used to create a holiday – like an environment around several spots of the house.  Outdoors is a natural emplacement, above your patio furniture, enjoying a drink or dancing in the middle of the night.  In your bedroom, sting lights help to create a magical, colorful moment without that amount of artificial light.

String lights are a perfect complement for a Mid Century Modern decor, due to its contrast with the dark, wooden smoked references of MCM and the live, direct, funny reactions by color lights. 
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