Design trends in 2020 and the Barcelona Chair: The Online Experience

Buying Online became an everyday activity for many people nowadays. Electronics, gadgets, food, almost everything can be purchased online, and furniture is not away from this trend. 

Even though most of the buying of furniture is made physically, now 10% of all trade in the US is made online. This value is growing so fast, that it will end shaping the way how trade is done. Online Stores will be at the vanguard of the furniture business. Will the Barcelona Chair still being a valuable item during these times? Let’s see.

Do people want to buy furniture online?

Millennials, X Generation, Z Generation are taking power. This is reshaping the way commerce is being done. These people are comfortable with online operations and want to keep it this way even with something very traditional, like furniture. 

What changes bring E-commerce to classic furniture purchases?

People want to explore online

If your store is not on the web, you are losing a lot of potential sales. The new consumer only goes physically for a place if it needs help to take its final decision, or if its the only choice. But the main impulse and preferences is made on line browsing the web, especially through social networks.

Shopping is a social experience

People search for their preferred items browsing. Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, are tools for many enthusiasts to explore, meet the articles they want, and to express their likes. A good store has very good social networks to connect with people and show what they have to offer, creating bonds and relevant content that catches the interest of furniture enthusiasts and potential buyers. 

People want free shipping

As part of what they call the “Amazon experience”, people are getting used to receiving free shipping, or at least a very competitive tariff for that concept.

Purchasing furniture is a mixed online – physical  process

Gone are the days when you visit the store to make your mind about that sofa you always wanted. Most of the time, you will go to the store, only to get that “touch and feel” factor. But while most of the process can be done online, to get the touch factor has no substitute. This is why some physical practices are still quite popular, like Showrooms or the free swatches samples. But keep in mind that the average user will go to confirm a prior bond that is made on the web. Its what is happening right now with your Barcelona Chair replica. You fall in love with it online, in some blog article or design, and browsing about it get the right place to buy it, let’s say Manhattan Home Design, and purchase it online, after a short visit to its NYC Showroom. 

In these times of change, only stores with vision and a commitment with quality can really bring you a satisfying experience with your favorite style. Trust in Manhattan Home Design to enjoy your experience with the Barcelona Chair and Mid Century Modern.