Is the Barcelona Chair an Eco-Friendly Chair?

The latest trends in furniture confirm people are looking increasingly for a sustainable model of purchase. Buying furniture, just like the rest of purchases we eventually do in every field, is every time closer to a standard of fair trade, eco-friendly approach, or socially responsible act.

But how does it reflects in the world of furniture?  With an interest in sustainability. People want to feel that is an investment in furniture doesn’t damage the environment, and it’s eco friendly. Recycled materials, sustainable woods, no child labor are some of the guarantees that people want to see in their purchases. Quality seals, labels tracing the controlled origin of their materials, are some of the strategies that some responsible furniture manufacturers have taken to please an increasing awareness on the subject.

One high-quality product, like the Barcelona Chair, exceeds the quality requirements of the current trends, offering one combination of endurable materials, like stainless steel and leather, both recyclable. You can say that a Barcelona Chair, since 1929, is offering one of the most eco-friendly alternatives to design enthusiasts all over the world.

In these times of change, only stores with vision and a commitment with quality can really bring you a satisfying experience with your favorite style. Trust in Manhattan Home Design to enjoy your experience with the Barcelona Chair and Mid Century Modern.