Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: The Surprising Pantone Colors of 2021

Finally, Pantone release its edition of the Color of the Year 2021.

Pantone announced the duet formed by Grey and Yellow: PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating.

This is a very expected moment in the world of fashion and Interior Design. This verdict’s somehow surprising, for two reasons: First, they announced not only one, but two colors. Second, one of the colors is grey,  a hue that many people find overused and wasted.

But his year, with everything that happened, it will be really hard that any announcement creates some agreement. Pantone was wise enough to go beyond “the color” because it will lead to endless arguments. Grey may disappoint some, but it means the past, resilience, and looking backward, while yellow means future, hope, looking forward.

The tradition of the Pantone Color of the year

Every year, since 2000, the Pantone Color Institute declares the “Color of the year”. One referral hue that is used by Pantone to promote several messages to the world of fashion and design. It quickly became widely popular in the world of fashion, Interior Design, and the color industry. Every year, the announcement of the Color of the Year is expected by the whole industry of fashion, because it has a deep effect on fashion trends. 

What was the color of the year 2020?

Classic Blue (19-4052) was the color of the year 2020. According to Pantone, “(classic blue) evokes calm confidence, connection, and a sense of thoughtful stability as we embark on our next decade. With millions of visual assets, from still photography and design templates to fresh 3D and motion graphics”.

What is Pantone? 

Pantone was originally a printing company. Created in 1950 in New Jersey, Its color portfolio became progressively requested by the most important consumers in the industry. Nowadays, Pantone owns the Pantone Color System, a system of 3000 hues that is the standard right now in the state of the art. 

What’s the consequence for the world of design and furniture?

The colors of the year 2021 are somehow giving credit to the past and the future. When it praises the color grey, it reflects, too in the major forces of décor that use Grey as a neutral color of the design. Mid Century Modern, Scandinavian, Coastal Living, they all use profusely grey as a base of color in house décor; the same occurs with furniture pieces, like the Barcelona Chair, or the Hans Wegner Shell Chair

So, let’s all enjoy the Pantone Colors of the year 2021.

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