3 Curious Facts About the Barcelona Chair

Time flies and if its true that the Barcelona Chair has an unprecedent success since the time of its release in the 1930s, its also true that there is a lot of curiosities too about this master work of design.

Who really said “Less is more?”

Van der Rohe was very famous due to its tendency to aphorisms, or short statements where he could speak about his polemics points of view; the phrase “Less is more” is probably his most famous one. But as later research has revealed, that phrase didn’t belong originally to van der Rohe, but to¬† his employee, Peter Behrens.

How many Barcelona Chairs have been Produced?

At this day there is an estimate of 20,000 Barcelona Chairs produced by Knoll, the original design house of this item of design, since the beginning of the manufacture in the late 1940s. Nevertheless, there is estimated a bigger number of replicas, manufactured in the market of renditions by design enthusiasts all over the world.

Your office or your living room?

Nowadays, the corporate market is the more demanding of the Barcelona Chair, and is used by many high profile offices all around the world. The domestic, residential demand for the Barcelona Chair is nearly the 30% of the total.

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