Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: The fascination for Oriental Rugs (II/II)

As we discussed in a prior article, the fascination of modern designers with Oriental rugs has a long road, almost since the very beginnings of Modernism. To pair clean-cut lines, minimalism, and efficiency in design with the rustic charm of thick, high pile rugs with simple or complex patterns has a synergic effect very appreciated.

Nevertheless, this fascination with Oriental rugs isn’t something new, because along with all history, in Europe and then in America, Kings and commoners have felt the attraction for the exquisite and artistic patterns of some Oriental rugs. 
Let’s take a look at other equally famous Oriental rugs. 

India rugs

Already introduced in the region in the 11th century by the Muslim Conquerors, India rugs had in their origin designs mainly Muslim. With time, India adopted its design with local motifs, material, and techniques, to develop their own identity. India carpets characterized to have complex designs with a high density of knots. The carpet industry in India expanded through several cities, like Punjab, Agra, Kashmir, Jaipur.
India rugs have a high density of knotting, and they are hand-knotted. There are hand-woven rugs, too in the region of Khairabad. India rugs are famous all over the world, and big stores like Ikea are large buyers for American and European markets.

Turkish rugs

One of the world’s most famous producers, Turkey has a long tradition as a producer of beautiful rugs. Used by all the levels of the society as protection for cold weather and isolating the floor of the tents, whether by nomadic or pastoral; or agrarian or town dwellers. Wool, cotton, and silk are the material used, and many European paints since the Reinassance witnessed their beauty, and consider it one of the most desired articles for royal and high status people. Women are essentially assigned with the task producing the carpets. A Turkish rug may take years to complete.

Pakistan rugs

One of the earliest manufacturers in Asia, Pakistan has a well established reputation as a great producer of rugs and carpets. Sangla Hill is the center of production in Pakistan, but the cities of Lahore, Faisalabad and an Karachi are the trade hubs. Their hand knotted are very famous, and their motifs often include gulls, medallions, paisley, and abstract figures. According to some scholars, the woven industry has in Pakistan one of their main contributors.

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