Elements of Design with the Barcelona Chair: Geometric Patterns

When it comes to decor, geometric patterns are among the most used tools to create good effects in your place. Circles, squares, Triangles. heptagons… there are endless combinations. Geometric patterns give us a sense of order and calm, without losing dynamism and movement. And geometric patterns aren’t just an element of Modernism or contemporary designers. since the begging of time, ancient cultures, like Turkey, Persia, or African Tribes use geometric patterns, as decorative elements or as a part of spiritual or even artistic manifestations. 

A slight gradient, shaded, or abstract overlapping geometric will always be on-trend. Whether in your house, or your office, hardly they will fail you. As with any pattern, keep in mind that abusing one geometric pattern may result in a tedious or overwhelming space. 

How to use geometric Patterns

Use the strongest patterns in the base of your wall or your floor, using the rest of the elements of the room to counterbalance it. Geometric patterns are a strong vision. That’s why are so suitable in rugs, or on the floor.

How not to use geometric Patterns

Don’t use geometric patterns in your wall unless they’re really subtle, you risking to be overwhelming. Don’t use dark patterns in dark places, it will reduce the dimensions of your space, and don’t pair strong patterns in two different elements, like for example, cushions and walls, or walls and floors. 

Now you know how to use patterns with your Barcelona Chair. Don’t lose the opportunity and go to Barcelona Design, the best place for Mid Century Modern furniture.