Design Elements with the Barcelona Chair: Light

Light is at the center of Interior Design, along with Space and Color. Indeed, light and color are deeply related, and mastering its use makes the difference in great interior design. 

When we are in presence of great, outstanding designed spaces, we always tend to enjoy the presence of light. When the light that enters through a window and creates a cone of shine, either in our bed or in a spot of the living room, is one of the best spectacles of a well-designed room. 

What is light in Interior Design?
What we call light is a manifestation of electromagnetic waves. Light and color are the segments of the spectrum that we can see. Each color has its own wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum, but the light turns to be the sum of all colors. This is a very important fact, and that’s why it never underestimated how important is natural light in interior design.

Natural light and artificial light

Natural light has undeniable advantages over artificial light, and the general advice is to get the most of it. But certain structural conditions and functional requirements lead us to set several lighting solutions.

Artificial light. 

Artificial light is a necessity. For any space, is hard to anticipate all the lighting needs that users inside the house will require. So, according to its function, lights are considered as:

Ambient light

It refers to the general solutions for the house.  The entire Living Room, the bedroom, the dining room all required a general light to allow the use of spaces when the night comes.

Task Light

Used to focus on a very specific area, task lamps are useful tools that help us in our home office spaces,  or with our kids’ homework in school. Usually, the need for task light is solved with floor lamps or task lamps.

                                                                                        Accent Light

We use accent lights when we look to enhance or portray a specific object. A piece of art, a painting, or a fountain, may benefit from a single focus directed to it.

Nevertheless, if it’s true that artificial light helps us with a great part of our daily living, a Designer must weigh very well what is the correct mix between natural light and the different kinds of artificial light. Keep in mind always that artificial light is not that rich as natural.

Artificial light has always a limited section of the wavelength, and therefore it can’t give to the user the rest and clarity that natural light has.      

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