How To Clean A Fabric Sofa Like A Togo Sofa: Disinfection

If something has taught us COVID-19 is that we must pay attention to maintaining not only hands disinfected but also the things we daily use too. So the other day when I was cleaning the house and I thought that one of the objects we daily use when we get home is our Togo sofa and get a bit scared because I thought that I wasn’t being as cautious as I could. That’s why today I decided to share the tips I’m using at home to disinfect my sofa.

A Togo sofa is an extravagant sofa made of fabric material. It is made of multi-density and padded covers therefore it is important to have precaution in the moment of cleaning it.

orange Togo sofa
Togo sofa from Manhattan Home Design.

I decided to show you a picture and a brief description of my Togo sofa in order to see if you have similar features on your own sofa. Now, how you can disinfect it? Easier than you imagine!

  • Take an empty spray bottle.
  • Combine a diluted essential oil with antibacterial properties -The one I use is a tea tree, but you can use the one that fits you better- with rubbing alcohol.
  • Spray the solution all over the sofa and wait 5 min.
  • Dry it with a vacuum.

And that’s it! On the other, if you want to remove stains from fabric sofas, check the article linked.